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This affected person has a range of danger elements that predispose to poor therapeutic and repair. This process is delayed in patients with diabetes (B: high serum glucose), older age, poor blood provide (he has peripheral vascular disease), useless tissue (C: fragments of lifeless bone might forestall regular union at a fracture site) and corticosteroid remedy (A: though these drugs suppress the inflammatory process, they also delay therapeutic and repair). Removing the lifeless bone and ensuring good bony alignment (D) ought to promote therapeutic and repair. Other elements that will delay therapeutic embody poor vitamin, immunosuppression, ongoing tissue harm and an infection (E). Cross-reference: Chapters 4 and 22 four Chapter 4 Answer 2 Correct answer with rationalization: E) Plasma cells. These cells have eccentric nuclei with clock face chromatin, amphophilic cytoplasm (staining with both acidic and primary stains and subsequently purple) and typical perinuclear hofs (paler staining areas because of the Golgi apparatus, which is distinguished due to immunoglobulin production). There are some red-stained eosinophils (A), macrophages (B: bigger pale cells with indented nuclei), neutrophils (C: with multi-lobulated nuclei) and epithelial cells (D: forming the renal tubules). An abscess is a localised assortment of pus (neutrophils), usually encountered as a complication of acute suppurative irritation. There is pink fibrous tissue across the ducts proven on the higher left (D) and there are only some small, atrophic secretory acini scattered via the tissue (E). In a traditional gland, virtually the entire tissue proven would include secretory acini. This is a common pattern of harm in the fatty tissue of the breast and typically follows apparently trivial damage. There is leakage of lipid from damaged adipocytes and that is ingested by macrophages, imparting a foamy cytoplasmic appearance. There is a granuloma (a assortment of epithelioid macrophages) in the centre of the image, surrounded by some small blue cells with are lymphocytes. Hyperplasia (B) is an increase in the variety of cells, often because of elevated practical demand. In some instances, the analysis might first be suspected when a biopsy is examined by light microscopy. In other circumstances, the clinician suspects an infective agent and seeks affirmation by biopsy in addition to by other means. In addition, the pathologist might employ a broad variety of strategies similar to electron microscopy, immunohistochemical staining with particular monoclonal antibodies and a range of particular stains to verify the diagnosis. This article aims to give an overview of infections which might be necessary in routine diagnostic pathological apply, to illustrate the appearances of these organisms within the tissues and to contemplate the patterns of tissue injury they cause. As prion illness particularly impacts the central nervous system, that is mentioned in Ch. This inflammatory exudate is liable for many of the medical features of the disease. The pattern of tissue damage is analogous irrespective of the pyogenic micro organism inflicting it and the organism can only be recognized by microbiological strategies. Other micro organism cause illness by producing toxins, which induce necrosis of cells and tissues. This necrotic epithelium is changed by an space of membrane, which consists of a predominantly fibrinous acute inflammatory exudate. Typically, it happens in older people following treatment with sure antibiotics. The antibiotic destroys the natural bacterial flora, allowing uncontrolled multiplication of Clostridium difficile. This bacterium produces a toxin, which causes in depth colonic epithelial necrosis and may be fatal. There are a number of focal lesions of necrosis with tufts of exudate (E), likened to an erupting volcano. The organisms are tough and slow to grow in microbiological tradition and subsequently biopsy often plays an important position in early analysis. There are different pathogenic Mycobacteria (called atypical Mycobacteria) that cause a range of disorders. Important factors to note concerning the histology of mycobacterial infections are: ostshowagranulomatous pattern of persistent inflammation (see Ch. When mycobacteria acquire access to the lungs by inhalation, they tend to localise within the periphery of the lung where they excite a transient neutrophil response.

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The significance of testosterone in upkeep of male secondary intercourse characteristics and libido is properly established. A strong advertising marketing campaign for testosterone supplementation merchandise (both prescription and nonprescription) additionally has con tributed to public interest in testosterone evaluation and supplementation. The indications and issues for testos terone therapy are mentioned in Chapter 9. Duplex evaluation of the cav ernous arteries permits quantification of penile blood flow. The high quality of duplex ultrasound can also be very operator dependent; use of this check must be conducted in high-volume centers by examiners with intensive experience/training in conducting and decoding the research. It could also be applied to the penis, most often by utility of a vibrating gadget that can be adjusted to completely different depth ranges. This is compared to sensitivity of different pores and skin areas, mostly the fingertips. Assess ment may be manufactured from sensitivity to application of heat/cold and/or differentiation of sharp/dull/soft/ hard. Caversonometry with or without caversonography is seldom used in the modern period because of invasiveness and lack of clinical applicability generally. Test ing involves injection of an erectogenic agent adopted by evaluation of real-time intracavernous stress throughout saline infusion. Important metrics embody intracorporal pressure and move fee wanted to main tain erection; lower pressures and better move rates are indicative of venous leak. If distinction infusion is per fashioned, fluoroscopic images can be obtained to detect venous leakage. It is crucial that maximal penile erection be obtained for accurate evaluation of leak age. A number of reflex and autonomic nervous system checks have been promoted for evaluation of penile erection response; examples embrace bulbocavernosus reflex time, sympathetic skin response, pudendal somatosensory evoked potentials, and cavernous elec tromyography At this time the scientific utility of those examinations is unclear; they need to be restricted to use in the context of research. The affected person should be made aware of acceptable deemed "high risk" have stabilization of their cardiac sources for schooling on nutrition and physical activ status earlier than participating in sexual activity, let alone having ity. A separate category of "interme sue lifestyle changes that may probably improve the diate-risk" patients might contemplate cardiac evaluation high quality and length of their well being span. Examples of intermediate-risk patients can be Addressing Comorbid Sexual Health Issues males with noncardiac vascular disease (peripheral artery illness or transient ischemic attack), delicate to reasonable Penile erection is the most effective understood-but removed from the sole-determinant of male sexual satisfaction. This may be significantly salient in the case of low libido, as oral pharmacother apy (the doubtless first-line management option for most men) is far much less efficacious within the absence of sexual pleasure. Psychological morbidity could result in mental distraction, which inhibits the power of the man to fully have interaction with his sexual partner(s). This might exacerbate the present stress response and worsen the general situation. Some couples may protect a sat isfying sexual life by adapting their sexual practices to accommodate absence of rigid penile erections. This could also be motivated by a skepticism about pharma cotherapy, a desire for a extra "pure" approach, price concerns, or fear/embarrassment of presenting to a health care skilled to talk about sexual points. Man ufacturers of these nonprescription remedies are capable of make broad claims about efficacy, even within the absence of proof, as lengthy as a basic disclaimer concerning the substance "not being designed to prevent, treat, or treatment any situation" can be provided. Similar issues exist about promising however as of but nonapproved treatments such as shockwave therapy, gene or stem cells, and platelet-rich plasma injections. These remedies must be used solely in the context of institutional evaluation board-approved scientific stud ies until such time as a adequate physique of evidence has demonstrated their efficacy and security. The web effect is rest of actin-myosin cross-bridges in the corporal and arterial smooth musculature, which results in vasodilation and elevated blood circulate. Protein kinase G has numerous downstream results, the online results of which is easy muscle relaxation and vasodilation. Should such patients develop angina, they need to proceed to a local emergency room, the place a topical nitroglycerin preparation may be positioned; this therapy may be easily reversed in the case of extreme hypotension. Minimal clinically necessary differences within the erectile operate domain of the International Index of Erectile Function scale. All sufferers prescribed an erectogenic therapy must be cautioned about the risk of priapism.

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In cases the place the hematocrit exceeds 54%, remedy should be halted till it has declined to a safe stage. Evaluation for secondary causes of erythrocytosis, such as obstructive sleep apnea and polycy themia rubra vera, must be performed and referral to hematology considered. When therapy is resumed, a decrease dose of testosterone ought to be administered, and in patients who had been receiving intramuscular injections, consideration ought to be given to switching to a transdermal preparation. Recommendations with regard to whom to display screen for prostate cancer are influenced by age, baseline risk of prostate cancer, and affected person desire. Monitoring for Men Receiving Testosterone Therapy All Patients: Patient History � At 3-12 months assess if: � Symptoms have improved Patient is compliant with therapy Has experienced any opposed results Biochemical Evaluation � Measure testosterone concentrations 3-6 months after beginning therapy; see textual content for timing of measurement depending on the formulation used. If hematocrit is >54%, cease remedy until it falls to a safe level, consider for other causes of erythrocytosis (sleep apnea, persistent obstructive pulmonary disease), and reinitiate remedy at a decrease dose. Similarly, aromatase inhibitors corresponding to anastrozole, which block the conversion of testosterone to estradiol, have been used to deal with hypogonadism in overweight and older males. When hypogonadism is because of hyperprolactinemia, dopamine agonist therapy with bromocriptine or cabergoline may be given to lower prolactin, normal ize testosterone ranges, and restore spermatogenesis. The majority of men with secondary hypogo nadism reply properly to induction of spermatogene sis with gonadotropins. Favorable prognostic components embrace larger testicular measurement, prior gonadotropin ther apy, no earlier androgen remedy, absence of crypt orchidism, and higher pretreatment inhibin B ranges. Tes tosterone remedy in men with hypogonadism: An Endocrine Society Clinical practice guideline. Loss of circadian rhythmicity in blood testosterone ranges with aging in normal men. Abrupt lower in serum testosterone ranges after an oral glucose load in males: Implications for screening for hypogonadism. Intraindividual variations in ranges of serum tes tosterone and different reproductive and adrenal hormones in men. Body weight reduction reverts obesity-associated hypogonadotropic hypo gonadism: A systematic evaluate and meta-analysis. Effect of testosterone therapy on volumetric bone density and power in older males with low testoster one: A managed medical trial. Associa tion of testosterone ranges with anemia in older men: A managed clinical trial. Thrombophilia in 67 patients with thrombotic occasions after beginning testoster one remedy. Testosterone remedy and risk of venous thromboembolism: Popu lation based mostly case-control study. Clinical evaluate 96: Differential management of gonadotropin secre tion within the human: Endocrine position of inhibin. Low free tes tosterone is associated with hypogonadal indicators and signs in men with regular whole testosterone. Expert consen sus doc: European Consensus Statement on con genital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism-Pathogenesis, prognosis and remedy. A perspective on middle-aged and older men with useful hypogo nadism: Focus on holistic management. Tes tosterone substitute therapy in sufferers with execs tate cancer after radical prostatectomy. Effects of aromatase inhibition in hypogonadal older men: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism: Evidence of defects in the hypothalamus, pituitary and testes. It is clinically defined by the presence of a mass extending concentrically beneath the nipple and is often bilateral. Gyneco mastia is categorized as physiological (during infancy, puberty, older age) or pathological (hypogonadism, liver disease, hyperthyroidism, drug-related). The glandular changes are the same, whatever the etiol ogy, with the degree of glandular proliferation depend ing on the period and depth of the inciting issue. The preliminary stage (florid stage) is current in the course of the first 6 months and is highlighted by ductal epithelial hyperplasia, improve in periductal connective this sue, and periductal irritation. It is essential to differentiate gynecomastia and lipomastia from breast carcinoma, which is a rela tively uncommon situation in males.

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Milder types could also be associated with failure of pubertal development or hypogonad ism in maturity. Hence, these patients are normally gonadectomized to forestall malignant transformation of the cryptorchid testes and raised as females. Men with each forms of mutations are undervirilized at start and want T substitute remedy and genital surgical procedure to restore hypospadias. Mullerian buildings have involuted, and the testes are often partially undescended. The patients usually present as females with progressive virilization, poor breast growth, and amenorrhea because of the action of peripherally produced androgens and their estrogen metabolites. Breasts and feminine adiposity develop at puberty; likewise, the growth spurt is normal because of regular operate of the estrogen shaped from T. The typical phenotype contains micropenis, severe hypo spadias, and bifid scrotum with or without cryptorchi dism. These situations may be main (hypergonadotropic), affecting the testes; secondary (hypogonadotropic), affecting the hypo thalamic-pituitary function; or both. Transcriptome analyses have revealed dis turbed maturation of Sertoli and Leydig cells in the testes of patients with Klinefelter syndrome. Acquired causes of primary testicular failure embody surgical castration, testicular torsion, or testicular trauma. Orchitis, usually caused by mumps virus, brings about atrophy of Leydig cells and germi nal epithelium. Varicoceles are common amongst wholesome males and are normally an incidental discovering on scro tal examination-their clinical significance stays unclear. The detrimental effect of enormous varicoceles on spermatogenesis and decreased Leydig cell function is assumed to result from the related poor venous drainage and improve in testicular temperature. Cranial irradiation might lead to gonadotropin deficiency and secondary hypogonadism. It is feasible that Leydig cell dysfunction in these cases is a consequence of the germinal cell injury, and it usually recovers following chemotherapy. However, the small suppression in serum T led to by them is unlikely of medical significance. Chronic glucocorticoid remedy sup presses T production by mixed inhibition of gonad otropin secretion and testicular steroidogenesis. Withdrawal from prolonged abuse of anabolic-androgenic steroids usually causes secondary hypogonadism. Alcohol abuse brings about primary harm of testis tissue, together with Leydig cells. T production decreases throughout growing older, however it seldom reaches clearly hypogonadal levels. However, the part triggered purely by chronolog ical aging seems to be a main decrease of Leydig cell capacity to produce T. Serum T concentrations are also low in chronic obstructive pul monary illness, which is aggravated by glucocorticoid remedy. The pathogenetic mechanism might contain a direct inhibitory impact of hypoxia on testicular func tion. In rheumatoid arthritis, serum T concentration is consistently suppressed, however each elevated and normal/ suppressed gonadotropin ranges have been reported. Disorders Causing Secondary Hypogonadism Sev eral complicated genetic syndromes cause secondary hypogonadism. Dopamine antagonists like metoclopramide decrease serum T concentrations by inflicting hyperprolactin emia, which has an inhibitory impact on gonadotropin secretion. The hypogonadism related to spinal wire injury is mostly at the hypothalamic degree. Hypogonadism in men with sickle cell illness could be both major and secondary,60 because of sick ling and occlusion of vessels within the testes and in the pituitary.

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Other agents that might affect mucins regulation or expression embrace differentiation components. Other than infectious diseases, mucins have also been discovered to be abnormally over expressed in various cancers, whereas its expression is required for physiological capabilities of regular intestine and lung cells [33, 34]. Thus, in the strategy of tumorogenesis and metastasis, these practical domains are predicted to play a significant position. Thus, we want to investigate mucin expression and its potential as a therapeutic target within the context of cancer and cell typespecific method. However, their efficacy and specificity need to be optimized earlier than selling in medical settings. Mucins Regulation as a Perspective Biomarker Biomarkers are molecules that, in response to any pathological insults including oncogenic transformation, progression, and metastasis, exhibit altered expression profile and can differentiate the pathological situation to the traditional in the patient-derived biopsies with a excessive clinical significance. These biomarkers are analyzed on any biological materials derived from the affected person including, tissues, blood, urine, sputum, saliva, and so forth. In addition, the blood samples derived from the patients can be used for an array of analyses together with, circulating nucleic acids, exosomes, proteins, tumor cells, stem cells, enzymes, and different metabolic merchandise, and so forth. In contrast, the tissue biopsies adopted by particular staining provide a extra in-depth and more accurate examination of any molecular or cellular abnormality but typically bear the technically tough process. However, most of those biomarkers have low specificity and subsequently, have to be utilized in combination of different antigens. However, caution have to be taken in deciding on the reagents and detection methods to achieve excessive specificity. For instance, a lot of variabilities exist within the immunohistochemical evaluation of tissues. Different antibodies for a similar target have been published in the literature displaying distinction in staining, which hinders the biomarker development course of in cancer. The challenges nonetheless exist in bringing the specificity and sensitivity of these biomarkers within the clinically acceptable range. Therefore, extra combinations have to be evaluated with other pipeline molecules to enhance clinical outcomes. These tumor-associated mucins are different from the mucins expressed in regular physiological circumstances of their expression, glycosylation, and genetic splicing and due to this fact might be used for focused therapies [114-117]. Furthermore, the pharmacological inhibition of key signaling molecules correlates with downregulation of mucins and reduce in survival and proliferation in vitro and in vivo [20, 119-121]. Genetic polymorphism and distinction in exon-size and quantity, tandem-repeats and post-translational modifications, lead to the alteration in structural and useful properties of mucins in pathological situations [10, 14, 22]. Structurally, the membranebound mucins are composed of extracellular and intracellular polypeptides with a hydrophobic transmembrane region tethering them to the cell membrane. For instance, antibodies generated against tandem repeats present high-affinity due to multiple accessible epitopes. In addition, the altered glycosylation in over-expressed mucins makes them an immunologically good target for vaccine design. Mucins Based Vaccines in Targeting Pancreatic Cancer Despite several similarities in structure and capabilities, each mucin has unique traits attributed to its particular role in regular as nicely as a pathological situation. The membrane-bound mucins are more necessary for vaccine development as a outcome of the most cancers cells expressing these mucins are targetable by the particular immune response generated in opposition to floor accessible epitopes present in them. In addition, other focused approaches like neutralizing antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates are also feasible with membrane-bound mucins. Indeed, the change in glycosylation pattern generates not only novel glycoepitopes but in addition exposes unique immunodominant peptide epitopes from the native protein. Studies on cancer vaccine improvement thus far counsel that a profitable vaccine development is determined by numerous parameters together with dose, formulation, routine, adjuvant system, in vivo stability, launch kinetics, and so on. Therefore, the optimization of each parameter is important for higher therapeutic response in most cancers vaccine studies. The research also advised that glycosylation is important for a sturdy immune response.

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Previously, many of those tumours had been misdiagnosed as leiomyomas, neurofibromas, Schwannomas and leiomyosarcomas. They are composed of spindled, epithelioid or pleomorphic cells that will resemble smooth muscle or nerve sheath tumours. The cells may be arranged in fascicles, nests or sheets, with variable amounts of collagen within the stroma. The most useful pathological features that predict malignant behaviour are website, size of tumour and excessive mitotic price. Mutations in c-kit result in constitutional activation of this signalling pathway, resulting in cell proliferation and, in time, formation of tumours. Imatinib is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor and so blocks the exercise of the mutated c-kit protein. Although broadly related in look to colonic adenomas, these mucin-producing tumours (called low grade or high grade appendiceal mucinous neoplasms) typically distend the appendix, producing the macroscopic look of a mucocoele. If tumours of this type rupture, mucin and neoplastic mucin-secreting epithelium could also be released into the peritoneal cavity, inflicting a type of mucinous ascites called pseudomyxoma peritoneii. Clinically, this leads to a malabsorption syndrome with very variable symptoms, including weight reduction, anaemia and steatorrhoea (diarrhoea containing unabsorbed lipid) in extreme cases. The prognosis is usually confirmed by endoscopic biopsy of the proximal small intestine. These lymphocytes are mainly T cells and symbolize a cell- mediated immune response to gluten. Specific antibodies to various antigens are additionally a characteristic indication of a humoral element to the aberrant immune response. These are persistent inflammatory circumstances of unknown aetiology with a usually relapsing course. Other situations could mimic these two diseases similar to diverticulosis-related colitis, radiation colitis and ischaemic colitis. The distinction is necessary, as totally different treatment options are applicable for the totally different conditions. Both may be related to the development of adenocarcinoma of the bowel, however this danger is particularly high in long-standing ulcerative colitis. Fissured ulcers may lengthen into and even via the muscularis propria, giving rise to fistulae (abnormal connections) between totally different parts of the bowel or between the bowel and bladder, vagina and even the pores and skin floor. Second, non-caseating granulomas (G), usually containing giant cells, could additionally be found in all layers. Granulomas such as these may be present in lymph nodes draining the affected section of bowel. Is one of the widespread surgical emergencies and is a typical example of acute irritation (see Ch. This peritonitis, involving the parietal peritoneum in the right iliac fossa, is answerable for the classic scientific features of acute appendicitis, with localisation of the pain to the best iliac fossa. The peritoneal exudate usually spreads to cowl many of the serosal surface of the appendix and the mesoappendix, although the purpose at which the inflammation spreads via the appendix wall might remain localised. Severe continuing irritation of the appendix wall typically results in in depth necrosis of the muscle layer (gangrenous appendicitis), which predisposes to perforation of the appendix with extra widespread peritonitis. Perforation of the appendix is imminent and can nearly actually happen at this web site. The pus (P) that fills the lumen will then be discharged into the peritoneal cavity, resulting in a extra severe and extensive peritonitis, which is infective. In the absence of appropriate remedy, the complications of perforation might ensue, including appendiceal abscess, subdiaphragmatic abscess, septicaemia, shock and demise. Neoplastic benign polyps may be divided into two primary teams: conventional adenomas and serrated lesions. The first of these groups is characterised by typical epithelial dysplasia and these lesions are well recognised as an necessary precursor of colorectal adenocarcinoma by way of the normal adenoma�carcinoma sequence.

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Both the peripheral clocks and the glucocorticoid receptors are current in these tissues, and the gluco corticoid-response elements positioned in the regulatory regions of the core clock genes-Bmall, Cryl, Perl, and Per2- are required for glucocorticoid motion. Testosterone reveals a diurnal variation, with peak levels occurring in the early morning. For this reason, the Endocrine Society recommends that confirmation of hypogonadism requires assessment of early morn ing blood testosterone concentrations. As little as 1 to four days of circadian misalignment is enough to induce insulin resistance. Circadian misalignment additionally increases blood strain after compelled desynchrony and after replicating experimental evening shift work each in nonshift staff and in shift staff who habitually labored evening shifts. Symptoms of hypogonadism are nonspecific, and hence research showing a relationship between shift work and these signs should be interpreted cautiously. Only 2 research have examined the impact of circa dian misalignment on diurnal and mean changes by assessing frequently sampled urine or saliva while awake during a 24-hour interval. Both have been pure istic studies inspecting precise shift workers following usual shift work timetables. Both studies confirmed solely minor and statistically non significant results of night time shift work. Prior to urine collec tion, night time shift workers had labored a median of 7 nights within the previous 14 nights for 3 consecutive nights and had slept, on common, for six. The peak in testosterone was delayed by about 4 hours in evening shift staff, from roughly 8:30 a. However this differ ence was not statistically important after adjustment for potential confounders, together with circadian time, which reduced the delay in timing to about 1. Whether such associations lead to increased mortality in men has not yet been conclusively proven, but could be plausible. Available studies examining the results of shift work on male fertility are proba bly underpowered to detect an impact of modest size. Whether mis timed testosterone levels lead to androgen-sensitive diseases that are extra prevalent in shift employees is believable and deserves further investigation. Future analysis should account for variations in shift work schedules between permanent night time shift workers as in comparison with rotating night shift staff and include in-laboratory interventional studies. Longer-term longitudinal studies are wanted to set up if mean 24-hour testosterone levels are lowered by extended night shift work. The association between shift work and assessment of hypogonadism requires consideration of 2 possibil ities. If shift work decreases (mean) testosterone levels, then androgen ranges ought to be reassessed when a per son modifications circumstances (such as employment) that have an result on long-term sleep/wake schedules. The cumulative information from naturalistic stud ies of actual shift staff and in normal people in whom sleep is manipulated show that the timing of testosterone adjustments with sleep, with the maximum ranges occurring upon wakening with out regard to the number of days of shift work or of recovery. Recommendations Studies to develop countermea sures to reduce the impact of circadian misalignment on cardiometabolic well being are required. Nevertheless, methods to promote fast resynchronization would appear to be appropriate, as may shift work schedules tailor-made to promote cardiometabolic health or neurobiological performance or decreasing sure avoidable causes of circadian misalignment (such as jet lag). Possible strategies embrace night gentle therapy and melatonin, which the American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends for sure biological circadian misalignment disorders. The patient develops hypercapnia and hypoxemia, which arouse the sleeper, terminate the hypopnea or apnea, and disrupt sleep architecture. Significant between group variations in single morning blood testosterone con centrations were observed that have been driven by reduc tions in testosterone in the sham treatment group. Studies in rodents show that persistent intermittent hypoxia increases circulating oxidative stress and decreases fertility, sperm motility, and blood testosterone. Testosterone Effects on Sleep Breathing Two ran domized managed trials have assessed the impact of short-term testosterone therapy on respiratory during sleep. In the primary examine,36 11 hypogonadal men aged 19 to 72 years had been assessed in random order off and on treatment. Men have been handled with intramuscular tes tosterone enanthate 200 or 400 mg each 2 weeks and had been assessed off treatment a minimal of 30 days (mean 53) after the final injection and on remedy approximately 3 to 7 days (mean three. In the other research,37 17 eugonadal men aged over 60 years had been randomized to receive both three injections of intramuscular testosterone esters at weekly intervals (500 mg, 250 mg, and 250 mg) or matching oil-based placebo after which crossed over to the other deal with ment after eight weeks of washout. Testosterone induced sleep-disordered respiratory by 7 events/h, elevated the period of hypoxemia by 2%, and shortened sleep by one hour.


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