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By: C. Frithjof, M.A.S., M.D.

Vice Chair, Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

I soon recognised that here was something that needed to be dealt with erectile dysfunction quiz purchase extra super avana 260 mg on line, and enquired as to the history of the room erectile dysfunction 18 years old purchase extra super avana 260 mg with amex. I was told that it had previously been the bed room of the last owner of the house erectile dysfunction without drugs buy generic extra super avana pills, who had been addicted to drink and had gone bankrupt erectile dysfunction zocor order extra super avana uk. It is a curious fact that drunkards and drug addicts make very evil psychic atmospheres, whereas a person who is a common criminal, however bad, is not nearly so noxious and his atmosphere fades rapidly. In these two cases there was no question of an entity, discarnate or incarnate, being concerned in the matter; there was merely an unpleasant mental atmosphere generated by some powerful and painful emotion that had been experienced over a considerable period at that spot. The structures that saw the concentration may have been pulled down and new ones built, nevertheless the forces remain, like a previous exposure on a photographic plate, and sensitive people are affected by them. It is not altogether an easy matter to determine whether the disturbance is due to atmosphere alone, or whether an earth-bound entity complicates the situation. This latter sign, however, does not invariably indicate the presence of an organised entity, for I know of a case wherein a room that had been used as a lodge of ritual initiation was subsequently partitioned into an office and two bedrooms after the lodge was moved elsewhere, and the bedrooms were practically uninhabitable owing to the din of cracks, bangs and thumpings that went on at night. In such a case there was no reason to suspect the presence of any entity, for the rituals had not been of an evocative type, nor was the influence evil. It was sheer physical noise that made the disturbance, as I can testify, for I have slept, or rather, tried to sleep, there. Where a ghost is seen, it is usually also heard because for a form to be sufficiently substantial to be visible there must be a modicum at least of ectoplasm in its composition, and ectoplasm is capable of exercising force on the physical plane, in some degree at least. Where it is seen, but not heard, it may possibly be that a person with psychic tendencies is perceiving the images in the reflecting ether, the photographic plate of Nature, and there may be no actual entity present. Where the disturbance is heard, but not seen, it may be due to astral forces set in motion by ritual magic, and which continue for a while after the original impulse is withdrawn. These may be perfectly harmless, save that they disturb the sleep in the same way that a rattling window would do. On the other hand, if powerful evocative rituals have been performed, and the clearing of the sphere has not been properly done, profound disturbances may result and the whole situation be exceedingly unpleasant. As an instance of a non-ritual haunting, I may cite the case of a friend of mine who went to live in a block of modern mansions. From the first she was not happy there, and as time went by the oppression and distress strengthened. Coming into her drawing-room one evening at dusk, she saw in the half-light a man standing with his back to the room, gazing intently out of the window. On several occasions her maid saw someone walk down the passage leading to this room. Then she realised that things were serious and that liver-pills and a week-end at the seaside would not put them right. Being an occultist, she understood the significance of the happenings that had been going on in her flat, and she made enquiries concerning the history of the square in which this block of modern mansions had been built. The form that she and her maid had seen was probably that of some unfortunate patient of suicidal tendencies who had succeeded in giving effect to his impulses on a spot corresponding to the situation of her room. The terrific emotional forces generated by his brooding and last desperate act were photographed on the atmosphere, as it were, and suggested to her mind thoughts of self-destruction just as the ill-temper or depression of a companion will induce a similar mood in ourselves without any word spoken. Another example within the sphere of my experience, although it was not actually my case, is of much interest in that it combines an example of a very definite poltergeist haunting with vampirism. Some charitably disposed people had raised funds to found a home for unwanted babies, and a suitable house had been purchased on the outskirts of a village not far from London. Soon, however, they began to be disturbed by some very curious phenomena, and also by inexplicable illness and seizures among the babies. One child, in fact, actually died, and its death was not satisfactorily accounted for. Celts are notoriously susceptible to psychic influences, and are always the first to be affected by them. It will be observed that the babies went down first under the attack, their resistance being low compared to that of an adult; and then the most sensitive of the adults was affected, the Irish Celt.

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In order to do this erectile dysfunction diabetes symptoms order extra super avana now, he must form a rapport erectile dysfunction statistics australia order cheap extra super avana on line, not quite as easy as might be imagined erectile dysfunction performance anxiety cheapest extra super avana. First he has to find his victim and establish a point of contact in his sphere erectile dysfunction drugs cialis cheap extra super avana 260 mg with amex, and then, working from this base, succeed in piercing his aura. Such an object is magnetically connected with its owner, and the sorcerer can work up the trail and thus enter the sphere of his victim and establish a rapport. He then proceeds as does any other practitioner of suggestion who has succeeded in getting his victim into the first stages of hypnosis. By means of the magnetic link he has gamed the psychic ear of his victim, who will hear his suggestions subconsciously. It now remains to be seen whether the thought-seeds thus planted will strike root or be cast out from the mind. If a magnetic link cannot be obtained, the practitioner of black magic has to fall back upon other devices. Something is chosen and by means of ceremonial is identified with the intended Victim. The old device of making a wax image and melting it before a fire, or driving nails into a wooden statue, baptised with the name of the victim, are frequently met with in the records of witch-trials. The actual driving of the nail has no conceivable effect upon the victim, but it helps the concentration of the operator. A talisman is a symbol representing a certain force, or combination of forces, depicted upon a suitable substance and magnetised by ritual. It can be made from anything which will retain magnetism; metals, precious stones or parchment are usually employed; paper is less effective unless it be enclosed in a metal case. A talisman is made by invoking the requisite force, as already described, and then concentrating it upon the prepared object, which is placed ready upon the altar before the evocation begins. A talisman thus made has next to be brought into the magnetic sphere of the victim. It is related that Lady Burton, anxious to convert her free-thinking husband, the famous Sir Richard Burton, the great explorer, used to get her priest to bless little statues of the saints and put them in the pockets of his clothes. Magnetised objects are placed in the rooms habitually occupied by the victim, or buried in his path, so that he must pass over them frequently. These talismans of evil not only work by their own power, but also serve the sorcerer as a point of concentration for his meditations. Harmful effects are also produced by objects which have been used in black magic and have become impregnated with 62 of 103 the forces they were employed in generating. I was present at an auction in a country town when the twelve signs of the Zodiac, neatly painted on a blackboard, came up for sale. Various of my friends have picked up magical treasures, such as altar lamps and incense burners that obviously came out of ritual lodges, but the prize of the collection was a magical rod that was put up to auction along with a bundle of fire-irons. I was taking part at one time in a series of psychic experi ments which had been going on very well, when, for no apparent reason, things went wrong and there was a con siderable upheaval. We did not know at the time, but we learnt later, that the owner of the flat where they were being held had obtained possession of a floor-cloth that had been used in ritual magic by an occultist whom only the utmost leniency could call doubtful. This is its soul, and it is like a self-steering torpedo which is set to move in a curve towards a chosen mark. Or the operator, if an expert magician, may deliberately ensoul this thought-form with elemental essence, which is the raw, undifferentiated substance of life drawn from one or another of the elemental kingdoms. If we want to know something of the efficacy of curses, we have only to consider the record of the men who were connected with the opening of the famous Tut-ankh-amen tomb. One can become exposed to occult unpleasantness either by thwarting or in some other way falling foul of an un scrupulous occultist, or by getting oneself involved with a dubious occult fraternity. In the case of a quarrel with an occultist, in addition to the ordinary human motives for an abuse of power, one has to reckon with the fact that an adept who is not of the whitest nearly always suffers from that unpleasant psychic disease of "hypertrophied ego. With a trained mind, an angry thought will do damage, and I have known cases of occultists who, out of pure pique, went to extraordinary lengths of spite. One can only hope that they did not really believe in the efficacy of what they did, and were merely playing to the gallery "pour encourager les autres" and ensure loyalty among their supporters.

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We have considered the modus operandi of telepathic suggestion in detail because it forms the real basis of every kind of occult attack erectile dysfunction net doctor purchase discount extra super avana on-line. Whether it be a discarnate entity impotence yoga pose generic extra super avana 260mg amex, a being of another order of evolution erectile dysfunction san francisco purchase extra super avana american express, a demon from the Pit erectile dysfunction drugs and medicare cheap extra super avana online american express, or merely the panic-stricken soul of a selfish friend, clinging to the life of form regardless of consequences, in all cases the opening gambit is the same. Until the aura is pierced, there can be no entrance to the soul, and the aura is always pierced from within by the response of fear or desire going out towards the attacking entity. If we can inhibit that instinctive emotional reaction, the edge of the aura will remain impenetrable, and will be as sure a defence against psychic invasion as the healthy and unbroken skin is a defence against bacterial infection. It happens sometimes, however, that a rapport has been formed with the attacking entity in a previous incarnation, and therefore it holds, as it were, the key to the postern. Such a problem is a very difficult one, and external assistance is needed for its solution. The difficulty is increased by the fact that the victim is often disinclined to allow the break to be made, being bound to the attacking entity, whether discarnate or incarnate, by bonds of fascination, or even genuine affection. A case with which I was acquainted throws so much light on various aspects of psychic interference by incarnate souls operating out of their bodies that it is of value to quote it at length. In the summer of 1926 I saw in the papers a short paragraph describing the death of a certain man and his wife, which took place within a few hours of each other. A couple of years previously I had been consulted by a friend of the wife, who was deeply perturbed about the state of affairs, and suspected psychic interference. A careful diagnosis by specialists, however, determined that although epileptiform, they were not true epilepsy. Epilepsy is due either to a congenital tendency, whose nature is not fully understood by medical science, or to some injury or disease of the brain. In congenital epilepsy the disease shows itself early in life; in fits due to disease, other symptoms are present which can be detected by a physical examination, such as changes in the eye that are revealed by the opthalmoscope. Moreover, there is one sure sign by means of which an epileptic fit can be distinguished with certainty from a hysterical or psychic seizure. This is a sure sign, and when it is absent we are safe in saying that the fit is not epileptic, whatever else it may be. This is a useful point for those who have to deal with the pathologies that afflict the psychic temperament, for they will see plenty of seizures, and a sure method of distinguishing those that are of organic origin is very useful. We must not, however, conclude that all cases of such incontinence are epileptics, for there are many other causes, both organic and functional. The attacks, moreover, always took place in sleep, and it seemed as if they were more of the form of severe nightmare, verging on somnambulism. These occurrences showed a certain cyclic regularity, occurring about once a month. In the case of a woman this would 15 of 103 naturally be referred to the twenty-eight day cycle of her nature, but in the case of a man, no such explanation was forthcoming, and we therefore had to look for another twenty-eight day cycle to explain his periodicity. We were then confronted by a correlation of epileptiform attacks, which had no organic basis, the nightmares of a second person, and the phases of the moon. Some theory had to be found which would resume these three and explain their inter-relationship. A dream is commonly the first way in which psychic manifestations make themselves known, the subconscious perceptions being reflected into consciousness in this form. It is held by many occultists that congenital epilepsy, as distinguished from that due to tumours of the brain, has its roots in the operations of black magic or witchcraft in which the sufferer participated in a past life, whether as practitioner or victim, the fit being an astral struggle with a discarnate entity, reflected on the physical body by means of the well-known phenomenon of repercussion. The moon plays a very important part in all occult operations, different tides being available at different phases of her cycle. Persephone, Diana and Hecate, all aspects of Luna, are three very different persons. It therefore appeared probable that as the physical investigation had drawn blank, a psychic investigation might yield fruits. Mother and daughter had paid the penalty for their crimes, but their male partner had escaped. The diagnosis was as follows: It is the younger witch that is at the bottom of the trouble. That is to say, is the midnight visit paid in an astral body projected from a living human being, or by an earth-bound spirit which has succeeded in evading the Second Death So great was her horror of the old lady that she would never remain in the house after her husband had left for his office in the morning, but went out herself to her club if she had no other engagement.

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  • Do you have difficulty controlling your bladder or bowels?
  • Some vitamins and minerals may need to be given by injection
  • Positron emission tomography, also called PET imaging or a PET scan
  • Blurred vision and double vision
  • Red spots on the skin (erythema nodosum)
  • Hunger
  • Red blood cell transfusions to fight anemia

Individuals at risk of developing B6 deficiency include pregnant and lactating women and elderly individuals erectile dysfunction from nerve damage purchase generic extra super avana line. A form of sideroblastic anemia can be treated with pyridoxine supplementation [211] erectile dysfunction order cheap extra super avana online. Neuropathic symptoms in association with pellagra-like dermatitis are described in association with use of the B6 antagonist desoxypyridoxine [212] occasional erectile dysfunction causes buy discount extra super avana on-line. Axonal degeneration and regeneration affect myelinated and unmyelinated fibers [214] erectile dysfunction protocol scam or real order 260 mg extra super avana with amex. Excess consumption of B6 is associated with a pure sensory peripheral neuropathy or ganglionopathy [215,216]. High-performance liquid chromatography methods allow estimation of the various forms of B6. A concentration greater than 20 nmol/L is considered a more conservative cut-off value [207]. B6 deficiency results in a higher postmethionine-load Hcy concentration resulting from impairment of the transsulfuration pathway. B6 may be supplemented, 50 to 100 mg per day, to prevent development of the neuropathy. In an isolated report, peripheral neuropathy symptoms associated with hemodialysis were ameliorated with supplemental pyridoxine (250 mg per day) [218]. The neuropathy resulting from B6 toxicity may reverse once the supplementation is withdrawn. Patients who have congenital dependency on pyridoxine develop symptoms despite a normal dietary supplementation of pyridoxine. High doses of B6 are required and even after years and seizures reappear within days of B6 withdrawal. The earliest surgical treatments for obesity were malabsorptive procedures, such as the jejunocolic shunt and jejunoileal bypass. These operations were abandoned because of severe metabolic derangements and associated malnutrition, which required revision surgeries in many patients. Gastric restriction procedures used have included gastric partitioning, gastroplasty, and vertical banded gastroplasty. These procedures separate the stomach into a small pouch that empties into the greater stomach through a narrow channel, thus restricting the quantity and rate of food ingested without affecting digestion or absorption. The weight loss after these procedures, however, has not been found to be sustained either because the surgical technique was not durable or because patients developed maladaptive eating behaviors that circumvented the restriction. They restrict the volume ingested, cause partial malabsorption of fat, and induce a dumping syndrome with a high-carbohydrate meal, thus leading to sustained weight loss. The Roux-en-Y gastric bypass often is the procedure of choice and often is done laparoscopically. Recently, a laparoscopically placed adjustable gastric band has gained popularity. This procedure differs from previously performed restrictive procedures in that there is adjustment of the band in response to rate of weight loss and absence of an enterotomy or permanent change to the anatomy. Additional procedures that result in greater degrees of maldigestion and malabsorption combined with partial gastric resection are advocated for the treatment of patients who have ``super' obesity (body mass index over 50 kg/m2). These include distal gastric bypass, biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch modification, partial biliopancreatic bypass, and very, very long limb Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. A low B12 level has been noted in 70% of patients undergoing gastric bypass surgery and B12 deficiency in nearly 40% [227]. Mineral deficiencies the most commonly identified mineral that is deficient after bariatric surgery is iron, seen in nearly half of patients [16,225,227]. Aches and pains occurring after 1 year of bypass surgery has been called ``bypass bone disease' and is believed the result of bone demineralization from impaired calcium absorption, often with concurrent vitamin D deficiency [225]. Abnormal fat and carbohydrate metabolism Reports of neurologic disorders after bariatric surgery resulting from rapid fat metabolism are of uncertain significance [235,236]. Recurrent spells of encephalopathy with lactic acidosis after high-carbohydrate diets arereported after jejunoileostomy [237].

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